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At times I must recommend another Nashville criminal lawyer.  There are about 340 lawyers listed in one prominent directory who claim to be criminal defense attorneys. Most of these people I have never seen in a courtroom.  I suspect most have never tried a criminal case in front of a jury and fewer still have heard a jury foreperson announce “not guilty.”

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Be wary of ratings of lawyers on the directory sites.  That lawyer with the five-star rating may have never tried a case in front of a jury. Those four-star lawyers may be eight months out of law school.

Reviews are are problematic.  The best result a criminal lawyer can get for a client is dismissal and expungement.  No one with a good name to protect wants go on record to publish a review calling attention to their prior involvement in the criminal justice system. That leaves anonymous reviews.  A high percentage of these reviews appear suspect. Bogus reviews are unethical.  That is not to say the lawyers are behind the reviews.  Some website maven/SEO specialist may be the culprit.

All the lawyers on the list are very experienced and very good criminal trial attorneys.  This list is certainly not exhaustive but should be helpful to people searching for a good criminal lawyer.  -Kenneth Quillen

Paul Bruno     Paul works a lot of drugs cases.  Tel:  615-251-9599

Erik Herbert   Former Assistant District Attorney. Tel:  615-255-9595

Michael Flanagan Great friend and a great attorney.  Tel: 615-351-6891

Rich McGee    Represented a friend and got a good result.  Tel:  615-244-254-0202

Pat McNally     A very able lawyer.  Tel:  615-986-3377

Jim Sanders    I have known Jim for 40 years.  Tel:  615-244-17134

Mark Scruggs  Very personable.  Tel:  615-352-8326

Peter Strianse Former Assistant United States Attorney.  Tel:  615-244-2770

Richard Tennent   Former Assistant Public Defender.  Tel:  615-244-1110

Jennifer Thompson     Working on the Holly Bobo case.  Tel:  615-320-4344

Jim Todd  Does a lot drug cases.  Tel:  615-256-7337

Ed Yarbrough  Former United States District Attorney General.  Tel:  615-822-8822